Money Growing in Consecutive Jars

Total Bankruptcy Solutions

Do you know how or if your patient bankruptcies are being handled? Are you writing off accounts when bankruptcy is filed? If so, are you aware you are leaving money on the table?

At the Uptain Group we provide a total solution for all of your bankruptcy accounts. Our program includes registration with the various Bankruptcy Courts so that anytime a new Bankruptcy is filed that includes any variation of your facility name and address, Uptain will receive real time direct electronic notification from the Bankruptcy Court. When new filing information is received Uptain Group employees will access your system to locate any affected accounts and will add any status code that the client uses to flag Bankruptcy Accounts. Our agents will also enter an appropriate agency code so that all accounts are flagged for electronic placement to the Uptain Group. Uptain will then follow the status of the bankruptcy, and prepare and timely file Chapter 13 Proof of Claims requesting payment. Uptain will receive and process the bankruptcy payments from the Chapter 13 trustee and will provide monthly status reports and remits to the client. Uptain will monitor the bankruptcy throughout its process and notify the client of any dismissals or discharges as well as any adjustments necessary to ensure complete compliance with Federal Bankruptcy laws.