History of Uptain Group, Inc.

In 1994, Joe Uptain founded Uptain Group, Inc. with a vision of increasing healthcare collections while treating the patient community with dignity and respect. From day one, Uptain Group, Inc.'s methodology has been to hold the patient in high regard while determining the patients' ability to meet their financial obligations.

In consideration of both healthcare's financial environment and provider needs, Uptain Group, Inc. has reinvented itself many times. Uptain Group, Inc. was quick to adopt technology in the early years to increase efficiency and provide recovery rates that exceed accepted standards. To this day Uptain Group, Inc. excels in technology, employing full time programmers, network engineers, and network administrators to continually improve its processes and operations. Uptain Group, Inc. utilizes its proprietary CMS software, along with innovative phone technologies, to manage its extended business offerings.

​Built on over 25 years of best practices, CMS interfaces with any provider system. It imports facility information to be managed within CMS, and in return gives daily updates on account notes and collection results back to the provider system. Uptain Group, Inc.'s MCA client portal allows providers real-time access and full transparency to any account status.

From humble beginnings to an industry leader, Uptain Group, Inc. is capable and poised to help any facility achieve Revenue Cycle EXCELLENCE now and for years to come.​

Why partner with us?

Our clients select us because of the effectiveness of our collections model that address the challenges specific to healthcare, our unfettered commitment to patient satisfaction while meeting client needs and our cash collection results—accelerated through analytically driven workflows enabled through leading-edge technology.

​At The Uptain Group we are fully committed to compliance. The Compliance Program governs operations and mandates that our processes, systems and people practices conform to established, accepted standards. Our standards adhere to all up-to-date compliance measures, HIPAA, HITEC, FDCPA, and ACA’s best practice in third party collections. They are routinely evaluated to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.

Since our inception The Uptain Group, Inc. has grown tremendously. This allows us to provide our client with vetted and ever evolving service lines, knowledgeable insight, shared experiences, and a time honored culture of hard work to which we are well known for.